We're making finding marketing events and conferences easier.

Why was this needed?

Finding an exhaustive list of marketing events and conferences has always been tough. Today, these lists live in blog posts scattered across the web (example #1). We thought to ourselves, "What if there was just one website a marketer could visit to discover and promote upcoming marketing events?" That didn't exist, so we created it.

How is this different from other event websites?

You're probably wondering how this compares to websites like Meetup or Eventbrite. It's simple; we focus on marketing events and conferences only. We also currently don't provide tools for managing events (that may come in the future). This is a simple solution for a niche segment, but we're confident it'll cut out the noise and provide value.

Who's behind this?

Our founder is Donté Ledbetter, a marketer who has spent years attending, speaking at, and throwing marketing events. Marconf is the second brand property of OXC Collective, LLC.

What does the future look like for Marconf?

Glad you asked! We've thought about what we can build for the marketing industry and how we can make marketers' jobs easier. We've also thought about one day expanding to other industries. We're taking things one step at a time. Right now, we're working hard to become the go-to destination for discovering and listing upcoming marketing events and conferences.